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Specialty"Mine Surveying"

Name of the specialty"Mine Surveying" comes from the German "Markscheidenkunst", which translates – "art set boundaries" (please do not confuse with the name famous rock band Markscheider Kunst).

What makes a mine surveyor, what does?
Answer - HE THINKS! But before you do this noble cause, mine surveyor collects information on mines, rocks and what happens to the rock mass, when it held mining. Surveyor analyzes the information, processes, displays a graphical documents (remember ink and brush on the cover). And mine surveyor sees and foretells the future: how should and will develop mining and what the reaction of the bowels of the earth for it.
Read the poem surveyor Nicholas Ruseva and you all will become clear.
Mine surveying art
Taught at the Department of Mine Surveying Markscheider case where there are 6 professors, five doctors of technical sciences, 6 PhDs, assistant professors. These professionals know their job and teach you everything you need for success and promotion "career ladder" from private surveyor to the head of the mining enterprise and beyond.
Set entrants specialty only to the extent of 75 students of which 45 seats budget and 30 - contractual.
Education in three stages:
Bachelor - 4 years; specialist - 1 year; Masters Degree - 1 year.
Upon completion of training graduates qualification:
– engineer mining operations - mine surveyor;
– mining engineer-mine surveyor;
– mining engineer-mine surveyor with the level of research activity. Higher education teachers.
When learning in the specialty"Mine Surveying" can obtain the following specialization:
– Dataware Geotechnology;
– Mining and land legislation;
– Mine surveying providing.
IMPORTANT! Trained on a specialty "Mine Surveying" you can get a second degree in any specialty Mining University (economic, legal, technical). Training will be paid, but 35% cheaper. Think - a combination of technical and legal (or economic) education opens up unlimited opportunities for career growth!

Where can operate Markscheider graduate of the department?
First of all, all companies engaged in mining, on the subway construction, urban construction, construction of gas and oil pipelines, exploration, design and research institutes, metrology, zemleustroitelstvo and cadastre, geodesy.

Much demand specialists mine surveyors?
In Ukraine, there is an acute shortage of surveyors - the device enough paying job is virtually guaranteed.
The same can be said for other states. In many countries in Europe, Asia and Canada are working graduates of mine surveying.

Where there live our students?
In the dormitory number 1 of the National Mining University in a cozy, well-appointed rooms. The hostel is located near the university academic buildings (2 minute go).

Dorm 1 "NMU"

What provide fellowship students mine surveyors?
First, they are protected by the prestige of miners' labor. Minimum grant - 600 UAH. Honors students receive 700 UAH.
There are several scholarships (named after Professor Fox, they. Prof. Protodjakonova, Academic Council, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, President of Ukraine) size 1000 UAH. For successful study and scientific work students are awarded grants additional monthly to 1000 UAH.
Association "Pavlohradvuhillia" the best students of 4-5 courses additionally teaches modern methods of production management and provides additional stipend of 1000 UAH.
As a result, the student may receive mine surveyor to 2000 UAH. provide fellowship per month.
Not bad?!

How they spend their leisure time students mine surveyors?
First, the National Mining University is located in the beautiful city of Dnepropetrovsk, and this says a lot!
Secondly, it is various university sports clubs (football, tennis, boxing, various martial arts, trampoline, bodybuilding, fitness, fitness equipment).
Day of mine surveyor
Third, dances, songs and other creative in ensembles, KVN, competitions and festivals.
As a result, creative "pangs" of our students annually in May, the "Day of the mine surveyor." This is a real holiday, which has no equal in Mining University and other universities.


And there's a science student. Our students perform a variety of different studies, publish their work in scientific journals and anthologies. We hold an annual international scientific and practical conference with student participation of students from universities in Russia, Bulgaria and Poland.

You want to own it all and try to survive? Come to us in our friendly family mine surveyors. We are waiting for you and will be happy to help get the modern higher education, for the benefit and joy to live my student years, to find a decent job.
You'll be proud that you - Markscheider!

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