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Timetable students
Lesson timetable

Schedule of classes for students SHEI "National Mining University" according to the official schedule

Graph of the educational process
Timetable educational process

Timetable educational process for the students-surveyors

The academic performance of students surveyors

The results of examinations, tests, quizzes, statistics of absenteeism

Knowledge scale
Rating scale

Deciphering the new scale assessment of students' knowledge

Alternation of the numerators and denominators
The numbering weeks

Determine the order of numbering the numerators and denominators in academic year SHEI "National Mining University"

Schedule rings

Timetable rings start and end classes on SHEI "National Mining University"

Curators of groups
List curators of groups

In order to meet with his supervisor to get the list of your group. Here you can also get acquainted with the rights and duties of curators

Schedule of lecturers
Schedule lecturers of the department

In order to find the right teacher, you can see the schedule and choose a convenient time to meet

Schedule a consultation of the department lecturers

Students have the opportunity to ask questions of interest to teachers in disciplines get advice on the implementation of practical work, perform and protect them according to schedule consultations teachers of the department

Сomputer сlass
Schedule work of the computer class surveying department

Students are able to practice on computers with educational applications in extracurricular time in the computer lab department of surveying (audience 1/170)

State examination
State examination

Information about the state exam students of 4th year degree"Mine Surveying"

exam program | evaluation criteria | literature list |

Day of mine surveyor
Celebration "Day of mine surveyor"

Тraditsionno students each year 5th year prepare a festive program dedicated to the end of their studies. Graduates are invited to the concert department, mine surveyor with production department and guests.

future holiday | archive holidays |

The diploma project

A detailed list of diplomas protect students by days, themes of diploma and their serial numbers according to the order, the information about the leaders.

themes of diploma | full list of reports | registration forms | requirements |

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