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Celebration of graduate students "Day of mine surveyor"

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Department of Mine Surveying State University "National Mining University" at the end of the school year holds traditional events titled "Day of mine surveyor" in the "Day of the Faculty of construction."

"Day of mine surveyor" was first organized in 2002. Thus,  in 2012 celebrated 10 years of foundation of this tradition

The list of activities under the title "Day of mine surveyor", are mandatory to carry out:

  • Scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists;

  • holding five Olympics between students of higher educational institutions that train surveyors (Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Krivoy Rog, Alchevsk, Zhytomyr), as well as students of mountain schools and colleges;

  • concert dedicated to the "Day of mine surveyor";

  • cultural orientation program for visitors to the city of Dnipropetrovsk.

Every year, participants of the event on the "Day of mine surveyor" are the principal and district surveyors of mining enterprises and organizations of Ukraine all forms of ownership . Participants represent the whole territory of Ukraine without exception .

Continued participation in the work of the "Day of mine surveyor" accept students and young scientists from Russia ( Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novocherkassk ).

Over the years, participants "Day of mine surveyor" were representatives of Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Poland.

Participants of the event "Day of mine surveyor" who came from other cities, if desired, are placed in dormitories and rooms in a hotel-type State University " NSU ", as well as hotels in Dnepropetrovsk .

Concert program devoted to "Day of mine surveyor" preparing students 5 year degree "Mine Surveying".

Ongoing activities "Day of mine surveyor" is the first in the CIS and has no analogues among the universities involved in the preparation of surveyors .

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