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Methodical work chair surveying

Currently, the department has a substantive lecture audience names to them. prof. IG Lisitsa and five classrooms with a total area of about 250 m2, where all kinds of training.

In accordance with the curriculum for the training period students are studying 70 subjects, including 12 regulatory disciplines, 23 basic and professional, others - professionally oriented disciplines, including the disciplines of self-selection cycle of the university and the student.  

The educational process is fully provided literature and guidelines, teachers of the department published 12 textbooks and teaching aids, including 5 - approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, written 8 books and more than 50 guidelines for almost all readable disciplines. 

The study of each discipline provides lectures, laboratory and practical exercises and reinforce your skills in training and work experience.  

For laboratory and practical training chair has a large set of mine-surveying instruments and tools: theodolites, levels, total stations, gyrocompass, EDM, laser devices, etc., which can thoroughly master the measurements.  

Important role in the preparation of Mining Engineers-Surveyors is practical training. For students majoring in "Mine Surveying" provides educational and industrial practices.

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