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The list of subjects that are read at the Department of surveying and for drawing package of regulations and methodologies of the discipline

Name of discipline Responsible for the preparation of documents
Selected Discipline
1 Surveying drawing senior lecturer Pinkovskaya T.V.
2 Surveying work at mining underground prof. Nazarenko V.A.   
3 Surveying work in the construction of mines prof. Halimendik Y.M.
4 Surveying and surveying instruments senior lecturer Dikovenko V.I.
5 Automation surveying calculation and graphic works assoc. Kuchin A.S.
6 Adjustment surveying networks senior lecturer Pinkovskaya T.V.
7 Displacement rocks and the earth's surface at mining underground assoc. Gavryuk G.F.
8 Surveying work in the development of open-field prof. Nikolaeva T.G.
9 Geometry bowels prof. Nikolaeva T.G.
10 Displacement rocks and the earth's surface in the development of ore deposits senior lecturer Dikovenko V.I.
11 Workshop by surveying business ass. Tretiak A.V.
12 Mathematical statistics in mining prof. Nazarenko V.A.
13 Design , adjustment and analysis of the accuracy of surveying core network prof. Nazarenko V.A.
14 Management assoc. Gavryuk G.F.
15 Professional functions and tasks of the expert and master's senior lecturer Pinkovskaya T.V.
16 Geomechanics prof. Halimendik Y.M.
17 Course project subsurface geometry assoc. Bruy A.V.
18 Course project Mine Surveying instruments senior lecturer Vronsky Y.I.
19 Course project surveying business assoc. Gavryuk G.F.
20 Geoinformation surveying system in case assoc. Kuchin A.S.
21 System geotechnology mining prof. Nazarenko V.A.
22 Technology practice senior lecturer Dikovenko V.I.
23 Production practice assoc. Gavryuk G.F.
24 Scientific practical training prof. Nazarenko V.A.
25 Pregraduation practice prof. Nazarenko V.A.
26 Certification assoc. Gavryuk G.F.
27 State certification prof. Nazarenko V.A.
28 Subsoil in mining ass. Zabolotnaya J.A.
29 Special surveying work ass. Tretiak A.V.
30 Computer graphics ass. Golovko S.D.
Regulatory discipline
31 Basics automation of mining prof. Nazarenko V.A.
32 Metrology , standardization and certification senior lecturer Dikovenko V.I.
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