National Mining University Compliance with the Time
State Examination will be held on June 25, 2015 at 09:35 in the audience 1/74

Schedule a consultation
to teachers of the department of surveying preparation
to the state and entrance examinations
student groups GRb-11-2, 3 and GRbS-13-2 specialty "Mine Surveying"

June 12, 2015
June 23, 2015
June 24, 2015
Kuchin A.S.

13:00 aud.1/172
Nazarenko V.A.

10:00 aud.1/172
Belichenko E.V.

10:00 aud.1/172
Gavryuk G.F.

12:00 aud.1/172
Brui A.V.
12:00 aud.1/172

6senior lecturer
Pinkovskaya T.V.
10:00 aud.1/172

Composition of the State Examination Commission specialty 6.05030104, 7.05030104, 8.05030104 „Mine Surveying”

CompositionPosition of the head and members of the commission
Head of the commission
Shmatovsky Leonid Dmitrievich Senior researcher mountain aerogasdynamics
Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics NS Polyakova NAS of Ukraine, candidate of technical science
Commission members
Kuchin Alexandr SergeevichHead of the department of surveying SHEI "NMU"
Nazarenko Valentin AlekseevichProfessor of the Department of surveying SHEI "NMU"
Gavryuk Georgii FedorovichAssociate Professor, Department of surveying SHEI "NMU"
Pugach Ivan
Associate Professor of Aerology and labor safety SHEI "NMU"
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