National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time

Industrial cooperation 
Department of Mine Surveying 
with "DTEK Pavlogradugol"

ДТЭК Павлоградуголь

Creating a system of geomechanical safe and efficient mining operations at JSC "Pavlohradvuhillia."

ДТЭК Павлоградуголь
Cooperation in 2010

Monitoring the status of mining and development of recommendations for the maintenance of development workings to the anchor, the anchor frame-mount and frame. Analysis of the causes of landing sections mechanized system for "hard base" in lavas Sq. c5 mine "Samarskaya" of "Pavlogradugol."

ДТЭК Павлоградуголь
Cooperation in 2011

Monitoring the status of developments in areas of high rock pressure deep mines PJSC "DTEK Pavlogradugol" and develop recommendations for keeping excavations in these areas. Monitoring the status of the excavation workings on pairings with lava and develop recommendations for keeping them for reuse.

ДТЭК Павлоградуголь
Cooperation in 2012

Assessment of the state of the rock mass and lining 165 th precast roadway CAP "MINE" Steppe "PJSC" DTEK Pavlogradugol "when using two-level scheme anchoring

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