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Speciality 184 Mining engineering "Mine Surveying"

Day department (bachelor)
Day department (specialist)
Day department (masters degree)
Extramural department
Extramural department (specialist)
Extramural department (masters degree)
The volume reception
75 pers
70 pers
5 pers
75 pers
70 pers
5 pers
Duration of study
3 year 10 months
10 months
1 year 5 months
3 year 10 months
1 year 5 months
1 year 8 months
Cost of tuition for 1 year
7500 UAH, 4300 UAH - evening classes
8350 UAH, 5700 UAH - evening classes
9350 UAH, 4850 UAH - evening classes
6467 UAH,
7165 UAH,
7484 UAH,
A set of entrants in the direction of "mining" is carried out in the amount of:
day form - 510 people;
extramural - 510 people;
evening form - 213 people.

Set entrants to the specialty "Mine Surveying" is carried out in the amount of:
75 people of them:
45 seats of budget places;
30 contract areas places.

Certificate Items EIT base level of complexity to participate in the competition:
Ukrainian language and literature (С1);
Mathematics (С2);
Geography or physics or foreign language (English, French, German, Spanish) (С3).
Equity participation in the subject evaluation External Testing Certificate and the average score of the document on education (certificate "Ат") determined by the formula:

0,20 х С1 + 0,45 х С2 + 0,20 х С3 + 0,10 х Ат + 0,05* = SCORE CONTEST

0,05* - weight points for the outstanding achievements of the entrant (winners of phase IV All-Ukrainian student competitions, winners Phase III All-Ukrainian competition-protection PDR student member MAN Ukraine) and / or for the successful completion of the preparatory courses of the university.)

Before entering there is a possibility to pass preparatory courses for students in grades 10-11.
Education in three stages:
bachelor - 4 years; specialist - 1 year; masters degree - 1 year.
Upon completion of training graduates qualification:
– a specialist in the industry of mining;
– mining engineer;
– mining engineer. researcher.
When learning in the specialty "Mine Surveying" can obtain the following specialization:
– Dataware Geotechnology;
– Mining and the land legislation;
– Mine surveying providing

   Specialty "Mine Surveying" has deep historical roots and first translated from the German, it means "art set boundaries." At the same time, functions and mine surveyor changed significantly improved. Today, a mining mine surveyor - a real mountain navigator. 
Students of "Mine Surveying" have the opportunity to gain a competitive higher education mountain destinations in the elite high school in Ukraine that allows the specialist surveyor find the application:
* at mine surveying providing development of minerals underground and open pit methods;
* in the construction of subways, urban construction; 
* in the construction of gas and oil pipelines;
* in the design and research institutions and organizations;
* at legal support and forestry geotechnologies; 
* at geodetic, cadastral and land surveys.
In their practice specialist surveyor uses GPS-art satellite technology, optical total stations and computer automation system surveying works.


On the basis of educational qualification level "Junior specialist" related specialty (all specialties in the direction of mining, geodesy, Geology) can be obtained educational-qualification level of bachelor on short-term training programme, followed by obtaining the educational qualifying level of specialist or master.
Graduates of these schools can enroll on short courses:
  1. Dneprodzerzhinsky Energy College;
  2. Dneprorudnensky Industrial College;
  3. Dokuchaevsky Mining College NMU;
  4. Donetsk Mining College;
  5. Donetsk Mining and Economic College;
  6. Kamenetz-Podolsk Industrial College;
  7. Lisichanskiy Mining College;
  8. Makeevskiy Metallurgical College;
  9. Pavlograd technical NMU;
  10. Rovenki Mining College;
  11. Chervonogradsky State College mining technologies and economics.  

For all questions contact at the following address:
Admissions office:
49027, Dnepropetrovsk, Karl Marx Avenue, 19,
National Mining University, the case №4, room №1,
tel. (056) 745-05-60;

Department of surveying:
main building, first floor, room №13,
тел. (056) 756-00-01; 756-00-14,
site of department: 
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